Monday, March 31, 2014

Day 2 - Blue Monday

Blue sky is trying to peak out out here in Portland....Is there a better way to coax sunlight into compliance than with a beaded silk chiffon cocktail dress?   I think not.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Day 1..Happy Birthday Mr. McCullough

For years now, certain people in my life have been encouraging me to start this blog. One special person even gave me the name. So after years of goes.

Welcome to "Sketch of the Day". Each day I will post a new sketch. Sometimes I will offer insight about the inspiration and other times will just get a pretty picture.  I'll promise three things: my original sketches, my wit and spell-check (see "my wit").  So with out further adieu...

Today's sketch is dedicated to my good friend Jeffrey.  Aside form being a talented interior designer, he a sweet, funny, clever as hell, southern gentleman.  This fella has always been a champion of my designs. Today is Jeffrey's birthday and in honor of this event, I created a slightly gestural sketch, as opposed to a more polished design...he likes this.  I also used two of his favorite colors; Lime and Orange.  So happy birthday my friend.....enjoy the black leather, white satin and citrus colored ribbed knit.

PS.  You can check out the birthday boys blog here: