Friday, August 1, 2014

Day 102....Sorta a/k/a Clean Slate

I think it is perfectly acceptable to wipe the slate clean and start again from time to time. Those if you following know that I have dropped the ball on posting here daily. I made a promise to myself to create a new sketch and entry every day for a year...hence the name of the blog. Well as it often does, life has become very busy this month. My "story" is that it became to hard to post everyday. Then I became a few days behind...then a week...then two and three. I made myself wrong for falling behind and started to stress. I kept thinking, I'll just catch up and one night go and post all the entries and back date them....seriously. Like I was gonna fool one of you even care in the first place. Aren't we funny, we are so concerned with "looking good" that we fail to notice that most people aren't even watching in the first place!  

I got so concerned with making sure I got it done and did it right that I lost sight of the most important thing...I started this blog because it was fun! So, in the spirit complete honesty and full disclosure...I'm gonna start over...sorta. I missed some days and that's ok...I'm hitting the "control-alt-delete" of life and rebooting the blog. I urge you all to do the same from time to time. Don't let the fun parts become chores...and if the do...wipe em clean and start again.

I offer an uncolored sketch of embroidered silk shantung, with gilded feathers and acres of dramatic...damn that's fun!  

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