Sunday, May 11, 2014

Day 43 - Happy Mother's Day

"Perhaps it takes courage to raise children.." - John Steinbeck

Once a year we have a holiday to celebrate our mothers. Most of us call or send flowers or take her out to lunch. We tell her we love her and thank her for being a good "mom". I wonder how many of us stop and ask ourselves, "What did that take....Who or what did she set aside to do this?" After all, Before she was our mother, she was her own person.

I think it's good to occasionally stop and reflect and put yourself in another's shoes. On this Sunday in May, I am doing that for my mother. I dedicate these sketches to the woman she was before I came along and hopefully the woman she still sees herself has....playful, sophisticated and beautiful. Thank you Mom...I love you.

"Playful"-on the left... Rayon knit jersey turtleneck with silk twill trousers and attached peplum.

"Sophisticated"-on the right... A silk and satin tweed suit topped off with a très chic pillbox hat.

and finally...

"Beautiful"-center....satin gown with leather trim and (lots of) silk chiffon.

Ps. The woman loves red!