Sunday, June 15, 2014

Day 78 - Alexis

Hey Precious aka Ramona...I wanted to reach out to you on your special day and thought this might be a new way to do so. Instead of sending you a present, I thought of doing something a little different...I want to thank you for some of the gifts you've given me. 

The pride you have filled me with since the first time I held you 11 years ago has grown tenfold. Your strength and courage has been an inspiration. Your laughter has been a healer to my soul....some of the fondest memories of my life have been playing with you and having the room expand with you giggles. Thank you for allowing me to teach what I know about drawing...we have Uncle Roger to thank...remind me to tell you that story. You have a real talent, I me. Thank you for being the light of my sisters life...your Mom literally means the world to me and you have filled her with immeasurable joy.  Thank you for saving Nana for us all. You came to us right after Pawpa died and you gave my Mom a reason to get up in the morning. The relationship you two have is one to treasure and envy and treasure some more. Thank you for being a protector to that perfect little brother of yours. You are an awesome big sister and the love you both share will only grow as time goes on. I look forward to watching you both become amazing friends. Take it from me...the friendship of your sibling is truly a beautiful thing. Thank you for the walks with Uncle David...even tho we aren't together anymore you are a bond we will share for the rest of our lives. I can't tell you the joy I use to feel watching you both walk to the mailbox and brought him such peace and love in a time when he needed it the were his angle. 

Most of all Alexis, I want to thank you for you. I have watched you grow from the most adorable baby to the lovely young lady you are now...I am so proud of you and I promise to be here for you when ever you need me.  

Happy Birthday,
Love Uncle Jason

Ps.  Don't'll get a "real" preset too.  :)

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