Sunday, June 29, 2014

Day 92 - Freedom of Laughter

Tonight I listened to a friend wishing for the innocent joy of childhood. That time we all long for when nothing else mattered except the laughter of the present...not worrying about anything more than the joy of moment. Our only responsibility was to have fun. I think we can all relate to this longing...and I think it's possible to tap into that kid-like happiness in a new wonderful way. As we experience these moments of laughter with the people in our adult lives, whether it's working, playing or simply turning out the responsibilities of day-to-day life…stop for a second and get present to the gift that it truly is....laughter. In this millisecond, I believe the joy of life can be found...a smile is greatest gift...and we may take this for granted as children, but it is in adulthood where we can become present to how special and precious it is. And I know that with this clarity comes real freedom.

In the spirit of this, I deviate just slightly with tonight's sketch. I did not do this, but rather my 10-year-old niece did it for me. I'm so proud of it....and looking at this gift makes me smile....and I am present to real joy, happiness and freedom.

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