Monday, April 21, 2014

Day 23 - B & W

Life is not always is shades of gray with wonderful color thrown in to make it interesting.

Tonight I was so sure I was right about something.  I'm correct, they are  Then my friend did me the service of pointing out just the opposite. Not only was I not right, but I might have been a little wrong...we have entered the gray area.

I began reflecting, why did I need to be "right"?  Upon doing so, a world of possible answers began to flood into my head.  I was suddenly awash in emotion.  I was, amused..purple, uncomfortable...yellow,, all of these possible feelings came up through my contemplative conversation.  Suddenly my black-and-white way of thinking was awash in a cornucopia of color.

Perhaps, all one needs to flush out the multiple dyes is a good friend willing to point out your gray.

This sketch was originally inspired by My Fair Lady and Lady GaGa...or what would Stefani Germanotta wear to Ascot?  In this case it is geometric b&w satin dress with a reversible train.

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