Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Day 3 - Muse

Last night a friend asked me, “Who’s your Muse?”. Good question, right? So I had to think, “what’s the definition of a ‘muse’”?  Webster’s defines it is as a source of inspiration. No help there….everything inspires me…art, music, Kylie, nature, films, other designers…Kylie.  I needed to narrow this down. A muse to me always seemed like an actual person, someone who inspires real creativity…and not the ethereal Olivia Newton John/Let’s build a roller disco kind.  No my muse is not a daughter of Zeus, but rather a daughter of Gerhard…my dad.  My sister is my muse. 

Truth is, she has been slotted in the role for some time now. As kids she let me pick out her clothes and put together outfits for school.  We would raid my father’s closet and send her off to class in rolled up painter paints, a man’s dress shirt cinched at the waist with a neck tie, slouchy flat suede boots and tons of jelly bracelets.  She looked like the love child of Annie Hall and Madonna.  I thought it was fantastic. Eventually, Jak (my baby sis) didn't want my help with her ensembles…lord knows why…apparently she no longer found the whole thing…amusing. (Sorry, couldn’t help myself.)

Over the years I created everything from prom gowns to wedding dresses…I even designed an entire line inspired by my sister’s stylish, practical side. However, truth be told, it was the early days of pulling a “look” together out of Dad’s closet that held special place in my heart. Alas, you can’t go home again….or can you? Turns out, according to my sister, my niece loves shopping and “working” a look as much as I do…dressing up is loads of fun for her. So I guess what the Lord taketh away, Zeus giveth back.

Inspired by my Muse(s)…the new mother/daughter look made of suede and wool plaid…Greek mythology never looked so good.

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