Monday, April 7, 2014

Day 9 - Bionic Inspiration

When I was a kid I loved rugby shirts…I still do. Actually, I have one similar to this, it is from the Gap. I've had it for years… Green and white stripe and I can't bear to get rid of it. Come to think of it, this look was brought on by something else from my childhood… Jamie Sommers.  

Yes, the Bionic Woman herself served as inspiration for this sketch. So a friend of mine back in Atlanta loaned me his DVD of the complete first season (Yes, I realize how "gay" that sentence is a blog about fashion with it!). What's funny is how chic her clothes look's wonderful how a few decades can turn "tacky" back into "trendy".

As I was sketching this, I was suddenly struck by the image of Jamie, dressed in a belted tunic and trousers, leaping from a ten story window to escape the one does. All the while she was looking incredibly stylish. Then I thought, "What can I add to make it different, put my stamp on it?" As luck would have it, I was wearing the aforementioned Gap shirt when "EUREKA!"! 

So, here you have it, a silk tunic, belted at the waist and worn over silk twill trousers.  This look is brought to you by our friends at the Office of Scientific Intelligence and the NRL. Nobody said the creative process was pretty.

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